Hashmat Khalil Rezai Construction Company

Hashmat Khalil ‘Rezai’ Road & Construction Company Ltd – Kabul was registered with the Government of Afghanistan via the Department of Foreign Investment and  Ministry  of  Commerce,  and  established  its  presence  in  the  business community  of  Afghanistan in November 2004.  Hashmat Khalil  ‘Rezai’ Road & Construction Company Ltd – Kabul is also registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Afghanistan, which is an accredited organization representing the business community in the country, and supported by both national and international organizations representing business and merchandise communities. Hashmat  Khalil  Rezai  Road  &  Construction  Company  Ltd  –  Kabul  is  also registered with the Ministry of Finance and with Tax and Custom departments in Afghanistan. Hashmat Khalil ‘Rezai’ Road & Construction Company Ltd has established logistic support  offices  in  Karachi,  Pakistan  and  Dubai,  UAE  that  have  been  used  as logistics and procurement support bases.


To have our contribution in construction and reconstruction of Afghanistan. And provide employment opportunities and developments for the rural communities and city inhabitants and to introduce environmentally friendly products in the  construction business of Afghanistan.

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Dedicated to customer satisfaction Job security for employment Establishing new Positions and Recruiting new staffs, choosing appropriate Technology, and modernization.

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Construction (Road Construction & Building Construction), Supplying and ServicesMr Daud Khan Rezai CEO & Engineer Abdul Basir Tokhy General Project Manager