CHUS (Construction of 13 Containerized Housing Unit)


Project name and Location (City, State, Country): CHUS (Construction of 13 Containerized Housing Unit)

Project owners name (Government Agency, Commercial firm or other organization):

Bagram Regional Contracting Center United Stated 3. HKCC was the Prime Contractor

Contract number of project: W91B4N-06-C-0063 5. Date work began 6. Completion date: September 18, 2006 November 2006

Project completion Percentage (%) 100% Completed

12a. English speaking Technical point of contact for the Project Owner (name, title, E-mail address, Phone number) Stephen E Moody COR DSN 231-3402 Stephene mood@baf afghan swa. army mil eslingeri@mmcs.army.mil


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