Contracting officers (CEO) Office and living Quarter of Lashkar Gah Helmand Province

Project 16

Project name and location: Contracting officers (CEO) Office and living Quarter of Lashkar Gah Helmand Province

Project owners name (Government Agency, Commercial firm or other organization

US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)Afghanistan Engineering District North (AED) 5. HKCC was the Prime Contractor

Contract number of project: W917PM-08-P-0195 7. Date work

Completion date: began: 30 July 2009 15 May 2008

Project completion Percentage (%) 100% Completed

12a, English speaking Technical point of contact | 120. English speaking Contracting point of for the Project Owner name, title, E-mail

contact of the Project Owner (name, title, eaddress, Phone number) mail, phone number) Diedre Hurd COR

Theodore Kerr Project Engineer DSN 540-678-4652

DSN 540-678-4652 Diedre M Hurdusace.army mil

Email Theodore e kerrusace.army mil 13. Description of Construction contract work HKCC worked with USACE as a Prime Contractor on a USD

project to design and construction of Resident Office for Lashkar Gah COR office. The resident office was constructed from twelve, 8 At by 40 A conex containers This facility contains 9, one person living quarters, 9 fall bath rooms, conference room, day room antiterrorism mease like Hesco wall Bunkers and construction of all related required site utilities, sidewalks and about 300 meters long gravelling road. The performance period was 120 days. The construction job of the project was completed successfully. The facility handed over to the last users fully functional and operative

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