Hashmat Khalil Rezai Road And Construction Company

Hashmat Khalil Logistics & Services: is an Afghan owned and operated company in the field of logistics and services with a global reach to insure the best products at competitive prices to its clients. It is owned and operated at 100% level by Afghan skilled workers and Laborers. Long term peace and prosperity is the vision with partnerships from various branches of the international community. We appreciate the contributions of our foreign friends in ISAF, NATO and, the United States Army corps of Engineers. Registration & Legal Status: Hashmat Khalil group of companies was registered his logistic company by the Name of Hashmat Khalil Rezai Logistics Services with the government of Afghanistan via department of foreign investment and ministry of commerce, (Afghanistan Investment Support Agency) (ASIA) with the License No: D-26056 HKLS have the ability to handle any large size of logistic projects all over Afghanistan, so HKLS can also ready to provide any kind of new model and old model vehicles with clear documents of custom that will be required for theCamps, Embassy, Afghanistan Government & the rest of the private offices with best pricesand services. Hashmat Khalil ‘Rezai’ logistics Service – Kabul is also registered with the Ministry of Finance and with Tax and Custom departments in Afghanistan.
Hashmat Khalil ‘Rezai’ logistics Service has established logistic support offices in Karachi, Pakistan and Dubai, UAE that have been used as logistics and procurement support bases.

Clients such as the Army Corp of Engineers, ISAF, NATO, and other high profile cliental. Client satisfaction. Members with Degrees from accredited U.S Universities and vast experience in Management, Customer serviceand quality assurance, timely and cost effective delivery, and repeat business requests have been made consistently. Hashmat Khalil was established by professionals who have 10 years of experience serving with anexperienced, educated, and professionals at Hashmat Khalil Logistics prioritizes