Hashmat Khalil Rezai Road And Construction Company

Products and Services

Transportation and Security

Fuels transport

Our services and products list is extensive. They include but are not limited to:Any consumption materials, disposable, one time use, etcAmerican made brands of foods, Medicines, soups, plasticsEuropean made productsAsian made products

Trained armed Guards, Both Armored & non Armored late model Vehicles

Fuel transport via Tankers & other safe modes

Maintenance and operations

Living accommodations….

Linguistics and interpretation…

Short and long term maintenance of various EquipmentHigh Tech hospital equipmentInformation technology (IT)Heavy equipment

short & long term

We can provide safe, convenient, and cost effective accommodation with American and European standards, all inclusive with professional chefs. Furnished and staffed units with internet capabilities


Professional linguists and Interpreters with 8 years of experience working withthe American forces in various U.S military bases. Expert in English language.

Construction Materials & Equipment

Business consulting

• Any and all construction related material and equipmentCement, Concrete, Clinkers, Asphalt, bulldozer, etc Wood, Medal, Steel barsPVC pipes in all sizes  Prefabricated homes

We can assist in all your legal documents processing and acquiring needed documentsto establish business ties in Afghanistan.We can assist in all your legal documents processing and acquiring needed documents toestablish business ties in Afghanistan.